Open to AV and other technical suppliers

To show technological innovations in events and/or demonstrate how technology is used and integrated into the success of the event. This can include virtual events.

For any B2B Conference

Music, literature, visual art, performance art etc

Any company that produces and manages events for external clients

To demonstrate how events activity fit in with the broader brand experience, campaign or initiative

Any event organised by an in-house team

For any international event organised by a UK or international company

Venues with a capacity of 401 delegates or more

*open to all exhibition centres, hotels, museums, stadiums or any place that hosts events

Less than 5000 attendees

Any event involving sporting activity such as spectator tournament and participation events.

Any venue which hosts events as their secondary function or any venue that is not a hotel or conference centre.

For any award-type event

Any event that has been organised to support a charity

Such as corporate hospitality, team building etc.

For events that focus on the advancement of education or are organised by educational establishments

Open to in-house or external caterers of any size or type

Any company that supplies a product / service to the events industry. Includes logistics, planning, security, ticketing, tent & marquees and entertainment companies etc

B2B or B2C e.g leisure shows, topic related exhibitions open to the public

For events organised as a reward for performance

(5000 or more attendees)

For events staged to launch new products or services

Venue with a capacity of 400 delegates or less

*open to all exhibition centres, hotels, museums, stadiums or any place that hosts events